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Which snowshoes have the easiest binding system for gloved hands?

Which snowshoes have the easiest binding system for gloved hands?
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Oof...that's a highly subjective question. I think it safe to say that all major snowshoe makers have made an effort to make their bindings glove-friendly, and all would say theirs is the best.

Take the Tubbs Snowshoe Mountaineer 25s ($250). The front part of the binding is a step-in design; once you have it adjusted for your boots, you simply stick in your toe. Then, to secure the boot, you pull a heel strap over the back of the boot, and cinch it with a yank on a big strap with a buckle that holds it in place. Easy! Even while wearing oven mitts.

Atlas uses an almost identical design for its 1225 snowshoes ($280). Step-in bindings for your toes, then a heel strap that you pull to snug up the heel. One feature I like is the big look atop the toe bindings, which is easily pulled to tighten the fit up there, or to release.

I sort of think the simplest bindings are made by MSR, and used on shoes such as the Evo Ascent 22 ($270). Like the others, they have toe straps and a single heel strap. But rather than using any buckles, then have a simple metal peg that fits into a hole in the strap. Easy to fit and adjust, with or without gloves or mittens. Best? Hard to say. But very effective.

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