Should I order a hiking boot from Europe?

I am trying to decide between the Asolo Superfly GTX (sold in Europe) and Asolo Spyre GV (sold in USA). Do you know much about these boots and have any recommendations? Any help would be appreciated. Do you know of any problems with ordering from Europe?
Mooresburg, TN

May 20, 2011
Outside Magazine
Spyre GV

Spyre GV


Uh...Roy, they're pretty much the same shoe. The Asolo Spyre GV ($195) is a lightweight trekking boot with synthetic/leather uppers, Gore-Tex bootie, Vibram sole, and a reinforced heel. The Superfly GTX is a...lightweight trekking boot with synthetic/leather uppers, Gore-Tex bootie, Vibram sole, and a reinforced heel. True, you can get the Euro version in a sort of styling wine-red. That is about the only difference. So I wouldn't fool with trying to order them from Europe, pay extra freight, and then risk the need to return them for a different size.

Besides, there are LOTS of boots in this category, so you are sure to fine the right fit locally. There's the Scarpa Kailash ($199), also a light trekking boot with uppers that combine suede and synthetic fabric, a Gore-Tex membrane, and a light nylon shank. These are fantastic boots, one of my favorites. Or try the Kayland Vertigo Lights ($180), which have a little more leather in the uppers, and an interesting membrane that combines eVent waterproof/breathable fabric with Cocona activated carbon, derived from coconut shells, which reduces foot smells. Or the La Sportiva Cascade GTX ($180), which has pretty much same specs as the ones I just listed.

So get to a local outdoor store that handles several makes, and try them all on. Go late in the day, when your feet have swelled up a bit. But avoid early evening as the store will be too busy. You want to have time to talk with a salesperson and have his or her attention. You'll find that every maker's boots fit a little bit differently, and that one will most closely conform to your own foot shape. That's the one to get.

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