Maarno Folding Sled

More "whee," less worry.

Maarno Folding Sled

The Maarno Folding Sled can provide a winter's enjoyment and then pack away for the off-season. Photo: Courtesy of Maarno

Let’s face it: Sleds are great when you’re on them, but who likes finding places to store them after the fun’s over? Leave it to European ingenuity to solve that problem with the Maarno Folding sled.

A folding plastic seat shell connects to traditional wooden skates with rotating steel brackets. The wooden skates—made from locally sourced ash—measure 15 degrees, which strike a good balance between speed and control as you tear down the hill. The sled is long enough to support two adults.

But the best thing going for the Maarno Folding Sled is its size. When collapsed, the sled measures a mere three inches tall, which is great for freeing up room in your car for important things like sledding buddies.


Filed To: Snow Sports

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