• Photo: Grayson Schaffer


    Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu, serves as the launching point for nearly every Everest expedition.
  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    Hindu Sadhus

    To take their photo, pay one of the Hindu Sadhus a dollar at Kathmandu's Pashupatinath, the ancient Hindu temple where bodies are cremated in the open.
  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    The Swayambhunath monastery

    The Swayambhunath monastery in Nepal–the city's most likely place to be shaken down by a macaque for snack food.
  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    Boudha Stupa Thanka

    A Nepalese girl paints in Kathmandu's Boudha Stupa Thanka Center.
  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer


    Himalayan views flying from Kathmandu to Lukla, the closet "major" airport to Everest.
  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    Stephan Rai

    A common sight on the trail: a kid carrying leaves for firewood and incense. Stephan Rai, 15, works near Lukla at the Hilltop Lodge in exchange for schooling at a lower secondary school.
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