One running-style-sex lubricant to rule them all


Uberlube can be used for hair, sex, or running. Photo: Courtesy of Uberlube

Used to be body lubricants were intended for one of three things: sport, hair, or sex. But now there's Überlube, designed to be the one-stop shop for all three of those needs.

During a marathon or long training day, Überlube claims to provide chafing protection for up to four hours. On dry summer days, rub it through your hair to defrizz it and give it a healthy shine. Überlube is also non-scented, tasteless, and doesn’t leave a stain (use your imagination). 

What's in it? While the company may keep its secret ingredients under wraps, what it doesn't have is more conspicuous: no oil, silicon, or grease. When you stop moving, it dissipates, leaving a smooth, soft finsish. 

Überlube comes in a discrete, refillable 15 milliliter travel bottle (choose from gloss white or silver). If you, uh, run a lot, you can stock up with 50- or 100 milliliter bottles.

From $28,

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