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  • Photo: Ben Moon

    In 2002, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, started 1% for the Planet, which is an alliance of businesses that give 1 percent of their sales to sustainability-minded nonprofits of their choosing. To date, the organization has raised and donated $115 million. Last month, Patagonia released Going Out Is Going In, a new book and music project to celebrate 1% for the Planet. With Jeff Johnson, Patagonia contributor and badass photographer, and James Joiner, photographer and senior correspondent at The Daily Beast, at the helm, the book showcases some of the best photography and personalities in the adventure world. Here’s a quick preview of what to expect from the new coffee table favorite.

    Photo: Today, as the pace of life increases and screen time becomes harder to ignore, I find those quiet moments in the natural world even more essential for maintaining balance and perspective. - Ben Moon
  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    1% for the Planet is fortunate to have friends and ambassadors like Jeff and James, and the 50-plus artists who gave their time and talent to this project. Their images and music resonate, inspiring us all to give back to the planet we love. – Melody Badgett, managing director of 1% for the Planet
  • Photo: James Joiner

    There’s an authenticity to the energy you feel when you’re outside, and not even far outside, just right out your door, that can’t be faked, and it can’t be bought. – James Joiner
  • Photo: Forest Woodward

    I have learned that the path is not a physical one and there is no map to find it; rather, it is an idea that dwells in each of us, waiting to be awakened. – Forest Woodward
  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Those who buy the book will receive a free digital playlist download featuring songs generously donated by artists like Modest Mouse, The Head & The Heart, Deer Tick, The Hold Steady, Jack Johnson, Bahamas, G Love & Special Sauce, and many more.
  • Photo: Forest Woodward

    All of the book’s proceeds will go to 1% for the Planet. Over 1,200 member companies in 44 countries give back to the planet through more than 3,600 nonprofit partners through 1% for the Planet.
  • Photo: James Q Martin

    “I will continue to pour every ounce of my soul into creating media that keeps [Patagonia] wild and free for generations to come.” - James Q Martin
  • Photo: Becca Skinner

    Even from an early age, we were taught to love and protect the lands we explored. I’ve now spent most of my adult life trying to express the excitement I have for that wilderness, using my camera as a tool for translation. – Becca Skinner
  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    “[I’ve learned] that inspiration can come in many forms, and for me, well, occasionally that means neck deep in salt water or standing on a snowy beach.” - Chris Burkard
  • Photo: Patagonia

    There’s surely some open space on your favorite table or desk. Grab a copy!
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