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  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    Best Workout Wear

    What to rock at the gym—and beyond.
    Jon Gugala


  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    Toad&Co Onrush SS shirt

    This vintage-tennis-style polo ($62) is knit from a moisture-wicking cotton-poly blend, so it shirks sweat. Go ahead and throw it in your gym bag for later—the fabric resists wrinkles, and a stink-fighting treatment means you can go straight from your workout to dinner.


  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    KAVU Breaker shell

    Versatility makes a windbreaker perfect summer casualwear, and the Breaker ($70) takes it up a notch with stretchy fabric, contrasting colors, and a chest pocket. But what really sold us on this polyester shell was the soft, polished exterior.


  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    Tracksmith Longfellow shorts

    Finally, running shorts you won’t be embarrassed to wear to brunch. But don’t let the casual features—button fly, slim fit—fool you: the Longfellow ($90) is as teched out as it comes. Four-way stretch gives you plenty of room to open up your stride, but dudes with big quads may find them too svelte.


  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    Fjällräven No.5 bag

    Cut from Fjällräven’s cotton-poly G-1000 fabric and treated with paraffin and beeswax for durability and water-resistance, the No.5 ($100) allows your sweaty layers to vent but still fends off light rain and dries quickly. Two outer pockets (one zip, one snap) keep essentials in easy reach.


  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    Revo Phoenix sunglasses

    From commercial airline pilots to professional jackasses, aviator sunglasses are the eyewear of choice for guys walking the thin line between confidence and cockiness. The Phoenix ($279) beefs up the frames and adds polarized gray lenses to cut through summertime haze.


  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    Brooks Chariot shoes

    First introduced in 1982, the Chariot ($90) was one of Brooks’s most popular running shoes. Resuscitated in 2014 and reimagined this spring with two new color collections, the modern edition draws inspiration from letterman jackets and eighties metal T-shirts. Size down from your high-mileage trainer.


  • Photo: Michael Karsh

    Super.natural Travel Cuffed 220 pants

    Blending the breathability and odor control of merino wool with the elasticity of polyester and elastane, these pants ($115) are a versatile workout layer. Pair them with a technical top on chilly mornings, or rock their slim silhouette through the airport on a travel day.

  • Photo: Michael Karsh

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    Otis James Nashville Slugger cap

    The Tennessean made his nut in neckwear, but his passion is vintage caps. The Slugger ($150) has just enough Sandlot to be nostalgic, but with a shallower bill, this hand-made, six-panel cotton lid won’t look out of place in your beer league.

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