Surftech Saber

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

May 14, 2015
Outside Magazine
Surftech Saber

The Saber excels in all conditions and has a durable construction to match.    Photo: Michael Karsh

There are faster, prettier SUPs out there, but the Saber ($1,199) is by far the year’s most well-rounded. You won’t find a finer board for the money. Though a heavyweight at 35 pounds, it excels in all conditions, from flatwater to wind-slammed cross-chop with boat wakes mixed in. The Saber is no speedster, but it paddles smoothly and has plenty of glide, stability (thanks to 31 inches of width and 4.8 inches of thickness), and deck space. The sandwich construction—with a foam core and layers of fiberglass, epoxy, and wood for rigidity—is extremely durable. We had so much fun on it that we came to see the nineties styling as an endearing plus. 12'6"; 

Stability: 5
Glide: 4


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