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  • Photo: Courtesy of Front Runner Outfitt

    Front Runner Slimline II

    Made from high-strength aluminum, the low-profile Slimline II has all the rigidity of steel without the weight. And it's been tested in Africa as an expedition-grade roof rack for safari and overland vehicles. Read more.

  • Photo: Eezi-Awn


    For Eezi-Awn’s customers—a group that consists of safari guides, around-the-world travelers, and four-wheel-drive aficionados—the only comfortable bed they’ll retire to after a week of adventure is the one mounted to the roof of their vehicles. Read more.

  • Photo: Tentsile

    Tentsile Stingray 3 Tree Tent

    Why build a wooden tree house when you can have this ultimate suspended tent? Read more.

  • Photo: Tentsile

    Tentsile Vista Tree Tent

    tilizing a unique three-point suspension system, the Vista lofts you over terra firma to watch all the little people below. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Andy Best/Treeline Outdoors

    Next Up:The Ultimate Camper Upgrade

    Rooftop Tents

    Rooftop tents are getting a high-tech revival in the U.S. as more people take up car camping. After all, why sleep on the ground when you can perch atop your car? Read more.

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