Mazda Bike by Kodo Concept

Bike? Art? How about both?

Mazda Bike by Kodo Concept

Hand-hammered from a single sheet of steel and with a saddle stitched with the same pattern as its newest car, the Mazda Bike by Kodo Concept is jaw-dropping. Photo: Courtesy of Mazda

As part of a Milan, Italy, art exhibit, the Mazda Bike by Kodo Concept was unveiled to an espresso-sipping, arty public. But boy, can this design send a gearhead into a froth.

The Bike by Kodo Concept is a track racer with a hand-hammered frame made from a single sheet of steel. Its black leather saddle is hand-stitched with the same red thread and stitch design that’s featured in Mazda’s new Mazda MX-5, channeling the company’s “Soul of Motion” theory, which seeks inspiration from the moment energy becomes motion. 

Is the Mazda Bike as Kodo Concept turning your energy into motion? Better beat feet to Italy. You can check it out yourself at the Mazda Design: The Car as Art show at the Mazda Design Space on the Via San Carpoforo during the Milan Design Week, part of Expo Milano 2015 this month.



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