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  • Photo: Gorilla Highlands Project

    This Is Not a Safari: Uganda

    Mountain gorillas, Pygmy guides, and idyllic lakes are hidden in southwest Uganda. And almost no one is going! Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Eric Larsen

    Seeing Antarctica Takes Real Planning

    It used to be that traveling to Antarctica meant playing Russian roulette with your life. These days, trips to the continent can be tackled with (relative) ease. Read more.

  • Photo: iStock

    Sri Lanka Is the New Thailand

    All it took was a brief glance to the east to see how things are changing. Right at the bay’s apex the scenery was in the process of a dramatic transformation. Read more.

  • Photo: David Heath

    Myanmar (Burma) Is Not Used to Tourists and That's OK with Us.

    Burma is undeniably one of the most raw and photogenic places on earth. Read more.

  • Photo: Dylan Silver

    Where the Tour Busses Aren't: Molokai, Hawaii

    Hawaii's most beautiful island is probably one you've never heard of. Read more.

  • Photo: Graciela Cattarosi

    The Beaches Are All Yours in Uruguay

    If you’re looking for white-knuckle South American adventure, stop reading now. But if you want to lounge on an empty beach for hours, have the best sandwich on the continent, or surf little-known breaks, consider one of these off-the-beaten-path trips. Read more.

  • Photo: Edo Vričić

    Walk from Slovenia to Croatia

    The Balkan Peninsula's new megatrail is as much about imbibing culture as it is about bagging peaks. Read more.

  • Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Next Up:Active Adventures

    The Colombian Andes Were Made for Climbing

    Welcome to Suesca, Colombia’s best hope for adventure tourism. Read more.