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  • Photo: Daniel Dunn/Breckenridge

    Ski Lodges Make Awesome Summer Escapes

    Ski resorts take on a secret life in warmer months. The sun is shining, wildflowers are flaming, and everything—singletrack, whitewater, beer—flows readily. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Michael Williams

    Find Your SUP Heaven

    Endurance athletes, thrill seekers, and the yoga set have all fallen for stand-up paddleboarding. Find your perfect match. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Bjørn Olson

    Fat Bike these Beautiful Beaches

    Although fat biking is most often associated with snow, it has another, decidedly more chill time and place: the beach. Read more.

  • Photo: Christian Arballo

    It's Not Too Late to Bag a Thru-Hike

    Can’t fit two to five months into your schedule to hike the PCT? No worries. These monthlong thru-hikes are just as good. Read more.

  • Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    10 Sweet Surfing Spots

    There are certain challenges any surfers worth their salt water have to take on. Some are blissfully isolated, others are crowded but iconic, and several lie somewhere in between. Read more.

  • Photo: vernonwiley/iStock

    Reach New Heights: Rock Climb Here

    These are the 5 best rock climbing hubs in North America. Read more.

  • Photo: Don Liebig/AVP

    5 Perfect Volleyball Beaches

    Olympic silver medalist April Ross grew up in Newport Beach, California, and has 31 career wins from tournaments spanning the globe. Here's where she likes to play. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Harbour Village

    Be a Tropical Altruist: Coral Gardening

    Help revive one of nature’s most beautiful—and threatened—ecosystems. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Clark/Santa Barbara 100

    Do it by Bike: 9 American Centuries

    From coast to coast and in between, check out these stunning 100-mile bike rides. Read more.

  • Photo: surfglassy/Flickr

    Next Up:European Vacations

    6 Serious Surf Getaways

    Women who want to learn how to surf are often dismissed by instructors. Not so at these surf-centric escapes. Read more.

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