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  • Photo: Floto+Warner/Otto

    Explore Europe's Wild North

    Yes, Northern Europe has more museums, cuisine, and historic city centers than you can cram into one trip. But here's a good reason to go rural: It also offers some of the world's best adventure. Read more.

  • Photo: Tiago/Flickr

    The Best Greek Islands for Adventure

    From climbing and mountain biking to surfing and diving, these are the Greek Islands to hit. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Backroads

    Bike Your Way Across Europe

    The 6 best supported bike tours in the Old World . Read more.

  • Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Mny-Jhe

    Switzerland Was Made for Hiking

    With nearly 30,000 miles of well-marked and maintained trails, Switzerland is a mecca for hikers. Read more.

  • Photo: Kosala Bandara/Flickr

    10 Adventurous Ways to Experience Europe

    How about a top ten guide for someone who wants to Sweat, Play, Rove through Europe? Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park

    Checking Out Portugal Is Easier Than You Think

    Treehouse meets spa in one of Portugal's lush, mountainous nature parks. Read more.

  • Photo: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr

    Italy's Secret Spots

    Tens of millions of visitors descend on the boot-shaped Mediterranean country every year. Here are a few places you should go to avoid most of them. Read more.

  • Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    Next Up:Your Adventure Bucket List

    When in Spain...

    Hikers around the world are rediscovering Spain's Camino de Santiago, Medieval Europe's version of the thru-hike. A veteran of the pilgrimage shares his tips for getting your boots on the path. Read more.

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