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  • Photo: Maria Loy

    Spend the Night in a Fire Tower

    Over the following decades, as new technologies made fire lookouts mostly obsolete, some were torn down. But dozens around the country have survived and are available for rent. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Cocomama

    5 Upscale Hostels All Over the World

    Upscale hostels are popping up in big layover cities like Paris, New York, and Istanbul, giving you an easy excuse to turn a connecting flight into an overnight stay. Read more.

  • Photo: Asbjørn Floden/Flickr

    Camp on the Beach

    Nothing more than a zipper and some mesh separate you from the dreamy, maritime air if you set up camp here. Read more.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Jean-Marc Labrosse

    Tiny Digs Mean More Open-Air Fun

    One way to make sure you don’t end up sequestered indoors? Base your travels out of a tiny home. Here are five that’ll make it easy. Read more.

  • Photo: Mikulich Alexander Andreevich

    Never Leave: Cabin Crash Pads!

    Essentially, you want a cabin where you can escape from the trappings of civilization without being completely cut off from them. Read more.

  • Photo: iStock

    Next Up:Road Trip Blueprints

    Treehouses Are the Best Rest You'll Ever Get

    There’s definitely something about spending the night in a treehouse that takes you back to childhood days; it’s doubly cool when your mom isn’t yelling up to you to be quiet so you don’t wake the neighbors. Read more.

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