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  • Photo: @rockcreekgear

    @rockcreekgear: Chattanooga

    Back in April, we asked for wild card submissions on Instagram for the final four entrants to our Best Towns 2015 contest. We were blown away by your submissions, and a wild card entrant, Port Angeles, almost won the whole thing. Here are some of our favorites.

    The sun comes up over downtown #Chattanooga on the morning of the #Chattajack 31-mile #SUP race through the @tnrivergorge.
  • Photo: @chattanooga_fun

    @chattanooga_fun: Chattanooga

    Let's show everyone #Chattanooga is the Best Town Ever.
  • Photo: @denisecphoto

    @denisecphoto: Sonoma

    Photography- a language easily spoken all over the world.
  • Photo: @hungryasianrke

    @hungryasianrke: Roanoke

    The pizza from Hot Stones Pizza guys.
  • Photo: @graceross_photo

    @graceross_photo: Richmond

    No trolls under this bridge!
  • Photo: @kat.a.maran

    @kat.a.maran: Hilton Head

    Baby Gator stalking the pond underneath all of the nesting wading birds. #BestTowns2015 #hiltonheadsc
  • Photo: @pnwginger

    @pnwginger: Port Angeles

    A night away in the mountains is always the best option. Especially when you've got someone there to keep you warm!
  • Photo: @roanoke_outside

    @roanoke_outside: Roanoke

    Ballyhack #8 fairway aerial view, #Roanoke VA.
  • Photo: @magma82

    @magma82: Oklahoma City

  • Photo: @tiaradelfuego

    @tiaradelfuego: Port Angeles

    Because squirrels need climbing gear.....
  • Photo: @kat.a.maran

    @kat.a.maran: Hilton Head

    South Forest Beach, where dogs ride bikes too!! #BestTowns2015 #hiltonheadsc #redheeler #carolinaacdrescueandrebound
  • Photo: @andyaustinphoto

    @andyaustinphoto: Billings

    "Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is." -Mary Anne Radmacher
  • Photo: @shoptheshark

    @shoptheshark: Saugatuck

    You can ski, sled, snowshoe, hike, run, or sling a disc at the #Saugatuck Dunes State Park . Saugatuck, #Michigan deserves a #wildcard in Outside Magazine's #besttowns2015 .
  • Photo: @visitgrandhaven

    @visitgrandhaven: Grand Haven

    {Sunset Photo of the Day} Sunset is at 8:43pm - Check out this stunner by @seoung ❤️ #visitgrandhaven
  • Photo: @visitwaterfalls

    @visitwaterfalls: Brevard

    Childhood isn't just for kids anymore. Enjoy Sliding Rock no matter what age you are! #besttowns2015 #brevard #transylvania #landofwaterfalls
  • Photo: @chrismarcussen

    @chrismarcussen: Richmond

    Here's another shot from the osprey's feeding frenzy this past Monday.
  • Photo: @erikeiser

    @erikeiser: Ventura

    @vienna_werner hits the brakes to line up for a second run at the shoulder
  • Photo: @jeepguy7389

    @jeepguy7389: Roanoke

    Upper James River, Roanoke Va. #BestTowns2015 #roanokeoutside
  • Photo: @visitventura

    @visitventura: Ventura

    Waves rolling in.

    State Beach, Ventura CA.

    Photo by @connmanndann #statebeach #california #ventura #visitventura #wave #vacation #805 #BestTowns2015
  • Photo: @telluriderealestatecorp

    @telluriderealestatecorp: Telluride

    Breathtaking view from one of our local 14er's, Mt. Sneffels #BestTowns2015 #Telluride #Colorado
  • Photo: @kemper_fant

    @kemper_fant: Roanoke

    Roanoke, VA #Besttowns2015 #RoanokeOutside
  • Photo: @alaurilee

    @alaurilee: Knoxville

    I love this newest addition! Market Square. #bestTowns2015 #knoxville #tennessee
  • Photo: @sawtoothguides

    @sawtoothguides: Sun Valley

    Another great Ski Mountaineering Camp is in the bag. Thanks guys! #skimountaineering
  • Photo: @roanoke_outside

    @roanoke_outside: Roanoke

    #BestTowns2015 #roanokeoutside Got out for a solo rip yesterday. Sometimes its good just to clear my head.
  • Photo: @outsideinn

    @outsideinn: Nevada City

    Why do I love Nevada City? Well there are countless reasons (see the blog for just a few of them), but since @outsidemagazine is asking for suggestions on the #besttowns2015 here is an opportunity to share reason #859274, the Outside Inn's free veggie cart. I mean who doesn't love a small town that shares extra fruits and veggies with their neighbors for free? Looking forward to another summer of watching people smile as they give and receive.
  • Photo: @rylandbowery

    @rylandbowery: Richmond

    What makes Richmond, Virginia the Best Town is the James River Park System. Within the heart of the city, are miles of trails to bike, hike, or walk. These trails traverse a dense wilderness environment, all within a few blocks of office towers and vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Photo: @kemper_fant

    @kemper_fant: Roanoke

    Roanoke, VA #Besttowns2015 #RoanokeOutside
  • Photo: @visitsunvalley

    @visitsunvalley: Sun Valley

    Dipping it in Little Redfish for the joy of numb toes in the spring.
  • Photo: @doublehaulaballa

    @doublehaulaballa: Brevard

    You don't have to go far to reach places most people travel many miles for. That is why Brevard is #BestTowns2015 #Visitwaterfalls #NC #WNCflyfishing #whatgetsyououtdoors photo credits @esocks77
  • Photo: @cowboy_mat

    @cowboy_mat: Park City

    Park City Utah #BestTowns2015 #parkcity #snow #skiing #outsidemagazine #utahisforlovers #utahgram @canyonsresort @visitparkcity @pcski @deervalleyresort #winners
  • Photo: @chitticksadventures

    @chitticksadventures: Richmond

    Reposting one of my favorite photos since joining Instagram to get the ball rolling on #Richmond #Virginia being one of @outsidemagazine's #BestTowns2015. Because awesome mountain bike trails along the James River is just one among millions of reasons why we deserve to win this one! Rider: Leonard Straub. #rvabesttown
  • Photo: @powerskirt

    @powerskirt: Dayton

    More Dayton beer! #dayton #Besttowns2015 #daytonbeercompany @warpedwing
  • Photo: @actionmikestratton

    @actionmikestratton: Richmond

    This is what #varsity kayaking looks like...
  • Photo: @visitsunvalley

    @visitsunvalley: Sun Valley

    Step into early spring and a little geothermal healing with the @bontraveler #visitsunvalley #seeksunvalley #stanleyidaho #hotsprings #prunedtoes
  • Photo: @flashadon

    @flashadon: Ventura

    As the negative ions from the crashing waves lull me to sleep I travel to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. #BestTowns2015 #VenturaCa #Ventura #CityofVentura #beach #camping
  • Photo: @roanoke_outside

    @roanoke_outside: Roanoke

    Want to see Roanoke, VA on Outside Magazine’s Best Town list? Like this photo then post your own using #BestTowns2015 and be sure to include “Roanoke, VA” in your description. This is McAfee Knob, the most photographed point along the Appalachian Trail. #roanokeoutside #blueridgemoments
  • Photo: @visitknoxville

    @visitknoxville: Knoxville

    A wonderful surprise awaits you in some Knoxville neighborhoods! The Little Free Library has all sorts of books for you to borrow. This one is in Fourth & Gill. #besttowns2015 #literacy #tiny
  • Photo: @mattybees

    @mattybees: Richmond

    #besttowns2015 Columbia, Missouri. 5 microbreweries, college town, tons of public parks, close to national forest and state parks, along the Katy Trail, mild winters, year round farmers markets, in the heart of #gravelgrinder territory. Period.
  • Photo: @ericameria

    @ericameria: Tahoe

    "Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow. Privately divided by a world so undecided and there's nowhere to go." -Snow, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Photo: @petey_stone

    @petey_stone: Durango

    "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves" - Sir Edmond Hillary
  • Photo: @jamesjheil

    @jamesjheil: Whitefish

    Wish it was still like this,#hookit #skiwhitefish #newschoolers #monsterarmy #whitefishmt #BestTowns2015
  • Photo: @actionmikestratton

    @actionmikestratton: Richmond

    No other school can hang with us... I love #rva and #gopro
  • Photo: @sdeanphotos

    @sdeanphotos: Roanoke

    Sometimes spontaneity can trump all of your planning. Luckily my beautiful wife was willing to do some quick running modeling on the #blueridgeparkway this morning just as the sunlight was starting to burn off the morning mist.
  • Photo: @jeffreyjamescox

    @jeffreyjamescox: Jackson Hole

  • Photo: @balloonbergnews

    @balloonbergnews: Little Rock

    sunset on the Little Maumelle River, boat loading in at Two Rivers Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas #BestTowns2015
  • Photo: @porqupines

    @porqupines: Ithaca

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