Dynaplug Micro Pro

A tubeless tire tool that will fix holes too big for sealant

Dynaplug Micro Pro

The Dynaplug kit comes with five brass-tipped rubber plugs that will seal large holes in tubeless tires. Photo: Dynaplug

Puncture your tubeless tire? Dynaplug has a tiny, easy solution. 

Simply remove whatever caused the puncture (think nail or glass shard), then use the included hand tool to insert a brass-tipped rubber plug into the hole (the kit comes with five plugs). The brass head guides the rubber plug, and the plug squishes into the hole to prevent any more air from leaking out. Once the plug is in, use the included knife to trim the top of the plug so it sits flush with the tire.

The whole kit fits into a small aluminum canister no bigger than your thumb and only weighs 1.5 ounces, so it’s perfect for stashing in your hydration pack. If you act quickly—and the hole isn’t larger than the plug—you shouldn’t need to insert a tube. That said, you should probably bring one along anyway.


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