Silca HX-One Home and Travel Essential Kit

This may be the coolest set of bike tools we've ever seen

Silca HX-One Home and Travel Essential Kit

The hex keys are coated with a high-grip polymer finish and come in a beautiful beechwood box. Photo: Silca

Over the past couple of years, Silca has reestablished its reputation as the best bike pump manufacturer in the world. Now, the company has turned its attention to bike tools as well.  

Each of the hex keys in the HX-One set have a heft about them you’re not likely to find in the kit you picked up at Home Depot. Made of shock-resistant S-2 Tool Steel, the keys are coated with a thin-but-dense chrome layer for added strength, and a high-grip polymer finish for more control when you’re wrenching away.  

The set also comes with a magnetic adapter that turns the six-millimeter hex key into a socket wrench. The included Torx, Phillips, and flat-head bits all fit into the wrench, and everything packs into a gorgeous beechwood box with magnetic closure. 


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