Exo Shelter

Developed for disaster, repurposed for fun

Exo Shelter

The Exo shelter comes in two- or four-person sizes, and can stack during transport. Photo: Reaction Housing

The Exo unit, built in Austin, Texas, by Reaction Housing, was developed after Katrina to provide fast emergency shelter for disaster victims. Now, the small cubes are being used as crash pads at music festivals, offices, and campsites. Who knows? They might take off the with the tiny-home crowd, too.

Each Exo shelter is light enough to be moved by four adults and takes less time to set up than your tent. There are currently two configurations that sleep either two or four people. Each can also be set up as a work space with desks and shelving. 

  Photo: Reaction Housing

All versions include LED overhead lighting, NFC enabled door locks, and integrated ventilation fans. They’re also wired for AC power from the grid or any portable source. Multiple units stack like coffee cups during transport, fitting on a flatbed truck or trailer. 

From $12,000,

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