Tracksmith BQ Singlet

Boston Marathon memorabilia you’ll actually wear

Tracksmith BQ Singlet

The BQ singlet is only available to Boston Marathon qualifiers. Photo: Tracksmith

If you’ve qualified to run the 2016 Boston Marathon next April, you’ve earned the right to participate in what might be America’s most famous race. As a perk, you’re also qualified to buy the special edition Van Cortlandt Singlet that boutique running brand Tracksmith is issuing for the race. 

The brand, headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts, the halfway point of the marathon, will vet each order with the Boston Athletic Association’s master list of confirmed registrants, so for those of you won’t run next year, you might want to check eBay in late April.

The piece borrows from Tracksmith’s thoughtfully designed old-school aesthetic, but is made of modern, performance-based Swiss mesh to wick sweat and breath well. It also includes four gold safety pins (read: rust-proof) for affixing your race bib.

The jerseys should start shipping in early 2016.


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