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  • Photo: @sam__davis

    Every year we ask our Instagram followers to share the best shots of their number one adventure buddy. As our audience has grown, so has the quality of replies. Big or small, these furry friends prove that when it comes time to hit the trail, the lake, the slopes, or wherever you get outside, dogs cannot be beat. Here are 20 of our favorites.

    Photo - @sam__davis: “This guy thinks #nationaldogday should be a federally recognized holiday... Also, our vet recommended that he wears sunglasses on snowfields and glaciers lol #dieseltheadventuredog”

  • Photo: @nkqualtieri

    Camp Guard

    @nkqualtieri: Even giant burly dudes squeal over his cuteness. It's kinda the best @butchtheborder
  • Photo: @lyndsnow

    Snowball Fight

    @lyndsnow: The verdict is in: Summit loves snow as much as we do. #snowysummits
  • Photo: @kdayracing

    Adventure Trio

    @kdayracing: Warning! The knuckleheads are on the loose.
  • Photo: @cunningham_christine

    Titanic Moment

    @cunningham_christine: Wind in our lips and hair.
  • Photo: @jila_monster

    Trout Slayer

    @jila_monster: While Owen spent his time bagging scree piles (O'Calkens -11,500ft), Gus and I were slaying these beasts.
  • Photo: @roamrydes

    Backpack Friendly

    @roamrydes: Shred dog #traildog
  • Photo: @alisontravels

    Astro Pup

    @alisontravels: Then we land on the moon...#vanlife #maxtravels
  • Photo: @cunningham_christine


    @cunningham_christine: Colt’s first ride in a bush plane #birddog
  • Photo: @yogalifenutrition

    I’ll Wait

    @yogalifenutrition: My #bff Akasha and me on the top of the mountain for the Midnight Sun this midsummer.
  • Photo: @alix_vagabond


    @alix_vagabond: Sparky took his first major#mountain fall yesterday...posing for this picture. "Sparkkkyyyy...NOOOOOO!" I cried aloud as I chased after him, then I held him in my arms till he regained consciousness. He's ok now. Don't worry!
  • Photo: @micholascage

    Will Row for Treats

    @micholascage: Dog days… #onaboat
  • Photo: @landlecoq

    Blanket Buddies

    @landlecoq: Best Friends #wherewillwegonext
  • Photo: @pugventure_photo

    Pug Life

    @pugventure_photo: This is Mack on the summit of #FirstSister with #MountChocorua in the background. #MackThePug California, here we come.
  • Photo: @clairecudahy

    River Date

    @clairecudahy: Down by the river #adventuredog
  • Photo: @hike.rinse.repeat

    We Done Yet?

    @hike.rinse.repeat: Because my dog is epic....and I really wish I was in a cold body of water right now.
  • Photo: @jimmimacc

    Small Dog Summit

    @jimmimacc: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." True that! This 9 lbs #Pomeranian, Bailey, has summited 9 Colorado #14ers almost entirely on his own. Just thought you should know.
  • Photo: @m1ke_packer

    Peak Nap

    @m1ke_packer: Since it’s national dog day and all. Looking forward to some more snowshoeing with this guy right here. This was post peak nap, then he started running like a maniac again #bestfriend
  • Photo: @morganleealain

    Watchin' from the Dock

    @morganleealain: This one… #adventurecompanion
  • Photo: @j_watson11

    We Found Love

    @j_watson11: I think he likes me...hanging with Moose up on #mttam with @speakingofjulia dogs were harmed.
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