Eric Pollard Prints and Canvases

Time to tear down those posters and put some real art work on the walls

  • "Evening Heli" by pro skier Eric Pollard.  Photo: Eric Pollard

  • Part of "Crows"  Photo: Eric Pollard

  • "Abstract Surf"  Photo: Eric Pollard

You could easily argue that Eric Pollard’s fluid, multi-directional style of skiing is a work of art. But wait until you see his gallery pieces. 

Pollard’s canvases feature highly stylized images of nature, with stark trees, abstract seascapes, and vaguely sinister crows. Similar paintings have appeared on the topsheets of Line skis for years, but now fans can buy prints directly from Pollard's site. 

Original canvas pieces and sketches start at $350. Prints start at $100,

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