Land Rover Defender: Overfinch Bespoke Build

Yet another reason to want one of these classic cars

Land Rover Defender: Overfinch Bespoke Build

As British as bangers and mash Photo: Overfinch

The Land Rover Defender has been around for 67 years and is as British as bangers and mash. Now, there’s this bespoke (read: limited) build from London-based custom outfitter Overfinch, which is both more capable and plusher than its older sibling.

The Overfinch team upgraded the Defender's interior with Recaro seats, while the exterior features a roll bar, heavy bumpers, lighting, and new treads for serious off-road work. Horsepower got bumped via an upgraded intercooler and performance engine chip. Teak decking in the rear adds some refinement. 

Sadly, Land Rover is discontinuing the Defender, with the last models scheduled to roll off the line in early 2016. Seems like the perfect excuse to snap up one of these beautiful builds right now. 


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