Hummingbird Folding Bike

A commuter so light it wouldn’t qualify for the Tour de France

Hummingbird Folding Bike

This featherlight urban flier weighs just 14 pounds and stashes in 15 seconds. Photo: Hummingbird

Most commuter bikes are heavy and clunky. Not so the Hummingbird. It actually bests many high-end road machines, weighing a svelte 14 pounds, thanks to its minimalist carbon frame. Even better: it folds in half in about fifteen seconds, for easy storage. 

When transforming, the bike pivots around the bottom bracket, which keeps the chain tensioned and prevents shifting issues and dropped chains. Once folded, the top tube doubles as a comfy carrying handle. 

Bikes should start shipping in mid 2016 and buyers can choose from 16- or 20-inch wheels (the latter add a little weight), and four different frame colors.


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