Vromos Toyota Hilux Mod

Someone added a third axle to the Hilux making it a total off-road beast

Vromos Toyota Hilux Mod

Because, off road, six wheels is always better than four Photo: Vromos

It's not sold here in the U.S., but the Toyota Hilux is an icon in plenty of other countries. It’s a mid-size truck that, like the Tacoma, has a well-deserved reputation for its 4WD prowess and reliability.

To make this ride even more drool-worthy, Bulgarian shop Vromos added a lift to it and extended the frame to accommodate a third axle and a third set of wheels. Paired with the Hilux’s stock 171 horsepower, three-liter turbo-diesel engine, the new version is a go-anywhere, do-anything off-road monster. Inside, upgrades include better power-adjustable seats and higher-quality upholstery.

Unfortunately, just like its little brothers, this version doesn’t look poised to make an American appearance anytime soon. 


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