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  • Photo: @alpine_amy

    Some people throw their gear in a corner of the garage. Others have dedicated gear rooms that are so stacked and organized they look like retail shops. We asked our Instagram followers to submit photos of their tricked-out storage spaces. Here are our 12 favorites.  

    Photo - @alpine_amy: We found a house that had the perfect space off the back of the garage. It's safe to say it's my favorite room in the house.
  • Photo: @wortman

    @Wortman: Welcome to the gear cave, @outsidemagazine. Almost four years ago, we quit our jobs, packed our truck, and set off on an 18,000-mile road trip. When we landed, our new place had a one-car garage that wasn't large enough for our beloved truck, but it had more than enough space for all our gear. Fast forward to today, and we've proven the first law of gear-dynamics: gear is like a gas—it will expand to fit the available space.
  • Photo: @timk85trek

    @timk85trek: A respectable gear cave for a one bedroom, 700-something-square-foot apartment in downtown D.C.
  • Photo: @alexander.graf

    @Alexander.graf: @outsidemagazine This is part of @ankantoiel's and my gear shed, although we'd need a @gopro to capture everything...
  • Photo: @erinkoko33

    @erinkoko33: I know I've posted this before but @outsidemagazine is doing a gear-storage contest and I can't help but share our awesome gear room!
  • Photo: @azcanyoneer

    @Azcanyoneer: The Green #gearshed2016 or gear wall.
  • Photo: @kittykatcooke

    @Kittykatcooke: When your second bedroom is actually a gear room. All spruced up and ready for a summer of epic adventures (surfboards not pictured).
  • Photo: @Jls_pacheco

    @Jls_pacheco: Working for the weekend.
  • Photo: @Jasonruns

    @Jasonruns: #GearShed2016
  • Photo: @yuliaaaa_d

    @yuliaaaa_d: Gear room looking pretty #winteriscoming
  • Photo: Always exciting to look at my gear collection.
  • Photo: @castironmike

    @castironmike: Winter shot of the timber-framed backyard man cave. Recently nailed an eight-hour nap in here with a high degree of difficulty. #cabin
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