Father's Day Gear: Office

Essentials for his 9-to-5

Jun 6, 2016
Outside Magazine
Father's Day Gear: Office

Your dad wants these for the office.    Photo: Jakob Schiller

Father's Day Gear

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Spotify Gift Card (From $10)

Click to enlarge.   Photo: Spotify

Use this gift card to get dad started on his monthly Spotify subscription, which helps speed up hours spent inside a cubicle.  

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Rapha B&O H6 Headphones ($365)

Click to enlarge.   Photo: Rapha

Music sounds significantly better on these high-quality, over-ear headphones. The comfy sheep leather earpods feel good for hours, and we love the signature Rapha pink cord.

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The North Face Access Pack ($235)

Click to enlarge.   Photo: The North Face

Kudos to The North Face for designing a unique commuter pack. We love the swiveling top that pops open with the press of a button for immediate access to everything inside. The aluminum frame gives the pack a solid, defined structure for good organizing, while the pull tabs let you find buried tablets and smartphones with ease. 

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Science Coffee Modern Pour Over Stand ($85)

Click to enlarge.   Photo: Science Coffee

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the stand works with most pour-over systems.

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Lululemon Commission Long Sleeve Button Down *Qwick Oxford ($110)

Click to enlarge.   Photo: Lululemon

This dress shirt looks like your standard button-down, but the two-way stretch cotton-Lycra fabric has a huge range of motion and wicks sweat, just in case dad decides to play a little pickup ball on his afternoon break. 

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The Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet ($105)

Click to enlarge.   Photo: The Ridge

This slim but bomber carbon wallet slips in a front pocket, while a special material embedded within protects against RFID identify theft. Up to twelve cards fit inside and a money clip keeps you cash organized. 

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Arcade Crawford Belt ($36)

Click to enlarge.   Photo: Arcade Belts

The Crawford is business up front and adventure out back. By the buckle, there's a strip of weather-resistant high-grain leather that looks great with slacks, while the rest of the belt is made from a super stretchy, elastic webbing that works great with mountain bike baggies. 

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