The Outside Interview Ep02: Jason Motlagh on the Darién Gap

The incredible story behind a terrifying journey

Aug 8, 2016
Outside Magazine
Darien Gap

Jason Motlagh talked to Chris Keyes about the risks and logistics of reporting from the the Darién Gap.    Photo: Carlos Villalon

Jason Motlagh and his crew were the first journalists in years to successfully cross the Darién Gap, a lawless, roadless jungle on the border of Colombia and Panama. Teeming with deadly snakes, drug traffickers, and antigovernment guerrillas, it has become a pathway for migrants whose desperation to reach the U.S. sends them on a perilous journey. He talks to Chris Keyes about the risks and logistics of the assignment, his motivations as a reporter, and the emotional toll of working in conflict zones.

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