What Gear Did the Trump Tower Climber Use?

Here's the high-end climbing equipment you'll need to haul yourself up the side of a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan

Aug 10, 2016
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What Gear Did the Trump Tower Climber Use?

Here's a breakdown of what you need to scale a skyscraper on 5th Avenue.    Photo: Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

The man yanked off the side of Trump Tower in New York City earlier today clearly had some technical climbing expertise. While he wore a basic green T-shirt, white gym shorts, and a logo-less white baseball cap, his kit was legit. It would have to be to get him to the 21st floor. Since we’re the experts, here's a breakdown of what you need to scale a skyscraper on 5th Avenue in Manhattan in broad daylight:

Powr-Grip Suction Cup Lifters ($80)

These vacuum-powered glass grippers work via hand-pump on the handle that expels the air between the rubber cup and the window you’re sticking to.

  Photo: Powr-Grip

Five Ten Rogue VCS Climbing Shoes ($100)

These sport-rock shoes feature leather uppers and ultra-sticky rubber outsoles—perfect for finding the edge on granite faces or 663-foot skyscrapers.

  Photo: Five Ten

Petzl Climbing Harness

It’s hard to tell from the footage which model the Trump Tower climber was wearing. Our best guess is the Aquila ($125), designed for technical alpine climbing.

  Photo: Petzl

Petzl Grigi 2 ($100)

This belay assist device has an automatic braking system—meaning it cinches the rope all on its own to keep you from sliding downward. The climber appeared to have one affixed to the rope between his harness and one of the suction cups.

  Photo: Petzl

Bonus: The Route

Our friends at Mountain Project dubbed the line up the building Trump’s Wall and gave it a 5.5 X rating: pretty straightforward as trad routes go. Here’s the description:

Start the send as quickly as possible so that security can't pull you off. Once on the wall continue up at a slow and steady pace. Watch out for NYPD cranes and falling sheet glass. Top out if no one can catch you.


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