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  • Photo: Oliver Kliewe/Wikimedia

    Cornell Plantations

    Cornell Plantations are botanical gardens located adjacent to the campus serving both an academic and recreational role. Check out our complete list of the top 25 colleges for Outside readers.

  • Photo: Justin Ennis/Wikimedia

    The Campus

    Cornell's campus is filled with gorges that sometimes are used as swimming holes in the summer and are traversed by bridges.

  • Photo: sach1tb/Wikimedia


    Cornell has embraced sustainability, and has several Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design buildings on campus. Carbon emissions are seven percent below 1990 levels, and the campus currently meets 15 percent of its electrical needs.

  • Photo: Courtesy Cornell University

    Outdoor Odyssey

    As part of the outdoor education program, Cornell offers the Outdoor Odyssey, a pre-orientation trip for new freshmen including six to eight new students and two or three upperclass guides.

  • Photo: Courtesy Cornell University

    Outdoor Education

    Cornell boasts that it has one of the most comprehensive collegiate outdoor education programs in the country with gear rentals, a challenge course, climbing wall, team building classes. Over 20,000 people participate in over 130 courses each year with most counting toward physical education credit.

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