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  • Photo: Courtesy UC Berkeley

    Intramural Sports

    Intramural sports are available on a variety of levels from competitive to recreational in sports ranging from basketball to dodgeball. Check out our complete list of the top 25 colleges for Outside readers.

  • Photo: brainchildvn/Wikimedia

    Academic Prowess

    Berkeley students have won over 100 Olympic medals but also excel academically and benefit from the school's 350 undergraduate programs and massive research budget.

  • Photo: PDTwee/Wikimedia

    The Campus

    The campus is dotted with wooded areas including Eucalyptus Grove, the tallest stand of such trees in the world, and vegetation along the two branches of Strawberry Creek that cross campus.

  • Photo: Courtesy UC Berkeley

    New Student Program

    The new student program offers orientation trips backpacking through Big Sur—where otters and old-growth redwood forests abound—and other adventures like kayaking Point Reyes that provide the outdoor background for further engagement in sports like triathlon.

  • Photo: Courtesy UC Berkeley

    Club Sports

    The Cal Sports Club program offers competition in 33 sports and serves as a competitive alternative to intramural sports by offering students coaching, team members, travel, and participation in national-level events.

  • Photo: Courtsey UC Berkeley

    Aquatic Sports

    Students chip-in on Coastal Clean-Up Day, picking up trash at the marina. Nearby, at the University of California Aquatic Center, students can learn to sail, windsurf, paddleboard, and sea kayak.

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