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  • Photo: Courtesy UCLA

    Challenge Course

    The University of California, Los Angeles, Challenge Course is designed to boost confidence and reinforce classroom learning by instilling leadership skills based on a personalized goal-setting and follow-up program. Check out our complete list of the top 25 colleges for Outside readers.

  • Photo: Courtesy UCLA

    Outdoor Adventures

    Outdoor Adventures has both instructional courses and a facilities such as the bike shop, rock wall, resource center, and equipment rental center.

  • Photo: Indianhilbilly/Wikimedia

    Undie Run

    UCLA invented the college Undie Run, an event where students run in their underwear or skimpy costumes to the fountain outside of Powell Library. While UCLA has formally ended the event, it has caught on at other schools and informally lives on at UCLA.

  • Photo: Brent/Wikimedia

    An Athletic Powerhouse

    In addition to a strong academic reputation, UCLA has sent competitors to all but the 1924 Games since 1920, and student athletes have won 214 Olympic medals.

  • Photo: Courtesy UCLA

    Den Camp

    Den Camp is UCLA's version of an outdoor orientation for incoming and transfer students featuring a four-day, three-night camping experience.

  • Photo: Courtesy UCLA

    The Resource Center

    The Resource Center is designed to help students plan their trips; it's filled with maps and books plus guides happy to help with permits and more.

  • Photo: Courtesy UCLA

    Club Sports

    In addition to Outdoor Adventures, students can join one of 45 clubs with nearly 1,500 participants ranging from cycling to rugby.

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