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  • Photo: Courtesy of The University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Experimental Farm

    Students receive hands-on training and are immersed in the ways of farming. They eat, work, and camp on site. Check out our complete list of the top 25 colleges for Outside readers.

  • Photo: Pavel Izbekov

    Climb A Volcano

    Students in the International Volcanological Field School have the opportunity to visit a volcano. But to get there, they must first traverse a glacier insulated by a thick layer of pumice from a 1912 eruption.

  • Photo: Jeremy Mathis

    Ocean Acidification

    Students have access to data from buoys to develop a model of current and future costs of ocean acidification while working with NOAA scientists.

  • Photo: RadioKAOS/Wikimedia

    Museum Of The North

    The University of Alaska Museum of the North sits on campus and gives students the opportunity to view and interact with botanical, geological, zoological, and cultural collections.

  • Photo: Courtesy of The University of Alaska Fairbanks

    River Regatta

    Students participate in a regatta in celebration of the "The Red Green Show," a comedy series that airs Saturday nights. Participants are judged on the innovative use of the secret material: duct tape.

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