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  • Photo: Courtesy Warren Wilson College

    The Triad

    Warren Wilson's curriculum is called the Triad and includes an academic core, a 100-hour community service component, and the requirement that students work an on-campus job. Check out our complete list of the top 25 colleges for Outside readers.

  • Photo: Courtesy Warren Wilson College


    Archaeology at Warren WIlson College has grown into a substantial research program with students working on a variety of projects at a number of sites, including the Berry Site in Morganton, North Carolina.

  • Photo: Courtesy Warren Wilson College

    Farm Work

    One of the school's work programs centers in on the 300-acre school farm where students maintain the facility and livestock.

  • Photo: Courtesy Warren Wilson College

    Work Programs

    Other work programs include maintaing the 25 miles of hiking trails and collecting mushrooms in the surrounding forest, maintaining the school's electrical systems, and preparing food for the cafeteria.

  • Photo: Courtesy Warren Wilson College

    Alternative Majors

    In addition to more traditional major programs, students at Warren Wilson can major in Outdoor Leadership or Environmental Studies.

  • Photo: Honinbou/Flickr

    The Outdoor Program

    The Outdoor Program provides trips, activities, and technical skills training—often at no cost. One credit classes are also offered in various outdoor activities, such as challenge courses, and students can maintain and borrow bikes from the Community Bicycle Shop.

  • Photo: Fatride/Flickr


    Warren Wilson College embraces sustainability and has been ranked as a top 10 college in terms of sustainability by Sierra Magazine.

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