Frozen Experiences of a Lifetime: See Some Serious Ice at Sirmilik National Park (Nunavut)

The ultimate North American winter bucket list

    Photo: subarcticmike/Flickr

In Canada’s Sirmilik National Park, glacier ice meets sea ice in a harsh, wild, High Arctic setting. The park is reachable by boat or by snowmobile from the nearby Nunavut communities of Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay—only licensed outfitters are allowed to bring you into the park.

Sirmilik is as remote as it gets, with glacier and avalanche dangers, roaming polar bears, extreme weather, and limited local rescue capabilities. Any ski-touring trip here should be carefully planned. The park website emphasizes the importance of building in time for weather delays and other hold-ups. “Travelers may find that their personal itineraries are in conflict with the schedule dictated by wind, cold, and storm,” the site notes. “If you come north with an inflexible schedule, you run the risk of remembering your once-in-a-lifetime trip only for its frustrations. But come prepared to accept the Arctic on its own terms—and it will open its heart to you.”

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