The Top 10 Outdoor Adventures Via Public Transportation

Taking the bus to Mother Nature

West Point Lighthouse in Seattle's Discovery Park.     Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Weekend warriors have it easy. Clock out at five, stop by home to grab gear, hop into the car, and chase the world of adventures lying just beyond the dashboard. It’s that simple.

But for many city-dwellers cars are not an option, or at least not a practical one, and their world of possibilities is confined to city limits. They simply consider their dashed outdoor dreams another plight of urban living.

The reality, however, is that they don't have to. U.S. cities have plenty of outdoors activities close by, with many along public transit lines. Buses and trains used for commuting can also provide a welcome escape for outdoors enthusiasts. Here is a list of 10 hearty adventures from 10 different U.S. cities accessible via public transportation, illustrating once and for all that you don’t have to get behind the wheel to get out on the trail.

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