The Top Outdoor Adventures Via Public Transportation: Los Angeles

Hiking in Griffith Park

Welcome sign at Griffith Park's northwest entrance.     Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Griffith Park

Address: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr.
Phone: 323.913.4688

Los Angeles, the land of broken dreams, is also a land of broken trail. Lying in Hollywood’s backyard, Griffith Park is home to over 50 miles of trails spread over 4,000 acres, proving that it offers more than just a big sign. Forming the eastern edge of the Santa Monica Mountain Range, Griffith Park hosts a number of hiking and running trails ranging from mellow to steep. Most impressive perhaps is the feeling of natural isolation despite the urban sprawl below. Griffith Park is considered one of the biggest urban parks in the nation and provides no shortage of activities including but not limited to, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and horseback riding, all just a short bus ride from Hollywood Boulevard. Take time to connect with the Beacon or Bridle trails or explore Brush or Aberdeen canyons to get your outdoor fix.

GETTING THERE: From El Capitan Theater, take the 181 Bus eastbound to the Los Feliz/Riverside stop. Walk north a short ways along Crystal Springs Drive and look for trailheads leading into Griffith Park. Look for Beacon Trail signs.

TRAVEL TIME: About 15 minutes.

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