Your Translator Is Your First-Aid Kit

When used wisely, the best new travel-specific apps equip you like never before. Talk to Me allows you to speak a sentence into your phone and watch as it's converted to text, translated into any of several common languages such as French or Italian, and spoken back to you with a perfect accent. Caveat: nothing says Ugly American like shouting into your phone atop some ancient ruins. For Android; free; GotoAID is a virtual first-aid course in your phone, including info on 417 common ailments and a GPS-enabled search function for hospitals and pharmacies. For iPhone; $3; Trip Journal allows you to document your journey in real time, using GPS tracking to record your route. Upload photos, videos, and blog entries, then e-mail them to friends using the app's Google Earth Export. For iPhone and Android; $3; Google Goggles turns your phone's camera into a search engine. Just snap a photo of a funny-looking lizard or, say, a painting in the Louvre and it'll cough up the info. For iPhone and Android; free; AirBnB allows you to book lodging in 8,000 cities in 170 countries. Browse properties, read reviews, see photos, and connect with hosts. For iPhone; free; air­

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