Family Road Trip Essentials

Family Road Trip Essentials

Ah, the family road trip.  There’s nothing like an 8 hour car ride to get your family vacation started on the right (or wrong) foot!  If your adventuring family is anything like ours (ie you don’t have an unlimited supply of cash, frequent flyer miles, or world-class destinations in your backyard) you are probably racking up more mileage on your bumper-sticker laden SUV than you’d like to admit.  And all that mileage adds up to a lot of hours in the car together…very close together, maybe even touching, since your tent, camp stove, and backpacks are taking up the majority of the backseat.  So how do you make all those long cramped, hours in the car manageable?  The following items won’t get you there any sooner, but hopefully will help the time fly by faster.

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