Africa & Middle East

Africa's Best Jungle Lodge

For fans of extra-large primates, there's arguably no more coveted experience than viewing a mountain gorilla in its natural habitat. If you fall into this camp, consider a bucket-list trek to...

The Untold Story of the Spaces Between Borders

Ordinary places become extraordinary in no man’s land. Such in-between places remind us how dependent we are on borders—that our sense of order and certainty draws deeply from the knowledge that we...

Stop Shooting! Photos Kill Rhinos

Seeing a rhino in the wild is one of Africa’s quintessential safari experiences, and it's only natural to try to preserve that experience in a photo.

West Africa's Terrifying Ebola Outbreak

You should be vigilant about Ebola if you’re traveling to West Africa, just as you should take precautions with more common threats like crime, malaria, and crazy drivers. It’s all part of safe and healthy traveling. But don’t worry excessively about it.

An Epic South Africa Selfie

While camping along the wild coast of South Africa, I stumbled upon this boulder. After watching the storm surge against it for awhile, I spotted what looked like a somewhat dry climbing line—a...

Cries of the Pashtun Women

A place one can never return to grows in the mind. In mine, wind scours a scree field; a long-haired man peers down between the crenellations of a mud watchtower; a woman dozes on a wooden bed in an...

Love and Rock Climbing in Turkey

Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson—The North Face’s premiere rock climbing couple—met on a rock face in Antalya, Turkey; they named their story Once Upon A Climb.

The Real Rebels of Timbuktu

Tuareg nomads have stormed out of the desert again, threatening a return to culture war in the Sahara’s legendary lost city. Patrick Symmes on the rebel alliance, and the fire next time.

A Wild Country Grows in South Sudan

The new country of South Sudan is blessed with oil, water, and a safari bonanza: one of the largest, most stunning animal migrations on earth. But without roads, laws, or infrastructure, can Africa’s...

Under Construction: South Sudan

The new country of South Sudan is blessed with oil, water, and a safari bonanza. But without roads, laws, or infrastructure, can Africa's youngest state turn potential into stabilizing profit?

Chasing Adventure in the Corners of the World

Outfitters are constantly looking for new frontiers - even in countries with bad reputations. We weigh in on the newest trips in the world's wildest places, including Eastern Afghanistan, Liberia and...