Azura Quilalea, Mozambique

Azura Quilalea, Mozambique, is the best beachfront bungalow for an on-water, multi-sport marathon.

Che Shale, Malindi, Kenya

Che Shale, Malindi, Kenya, is the best beachfront bungalow for kitesurfers who dream about consistent 18 to 25 knot winds that blow all day, almost every day, 300 days a year.

The Rainmaker

It's no longer enough to mount an expedition. Now you need to upload all the sweet footage in real time, too. Call in the pros: Jimmy Chin and his Camp 4 Collective.

A Stroll in the Park

On patrol in rhino country with the Kenya Wildlife Service.


Whitewater kayaker Hendrik Coetzee had decided to call it a career after a decade of first descents on the wildest rivers in Africa. The river’s most feared predator had a different ending in store.

Cutlass Supreme

When you go out looking for the Nigerian Taliban, bad things happen.

Fresh Trips

Seven island getaways with the perfect balance of adventure and indulgence.