The Wild Bunch

Nine Stellar guides with new-school safari smarts—and a commitment to conservation—take adventure and altruism where they've never been before

Beyond Kakhi

Two-story rapids, hot, spouting lava, a frenzy of sharks, lions in the dark—if it's thrills you're after, you'll find them in Africa

The Isles Have It

After 16 years of civil war, Mozambique is back in the bliss business, with 1,500 miles of Indian Ocean coastline, thriving coral reefs . . . and peace at hand

All That Glitters

Big names, big adventure—and a message for the masses

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The Kenyan Cowboy

That's what many Africans are calling Thomas Cholmondeley, the scion of Kenya's most famous white family who killed two black men on his vast Rift Valley ranch in the space of a year. But was...

Lone Sky Safari

Rethinking the classic game expedition on a winged voyage over Namibia, where wildlife is only part of the landscape of vast deserts and empty coastlines

Roam for Foam

Our Guide to the World's Wildest Bars

Apocalypse Nile

A daring upriver expedition gets back on the water after a deadly attack