Raft an Endangered River

Go before it’s dammed

Raft this river in Tibet—before you can't. Via Shutterstock     Photo: alexnika

Since 2000, the Chinese have built more than 35 different 300-foot high dams in the canyons of western China and Tibet. Another 102 are proposed or underway. Travis and Pete Winn’s Last Descents expeditions is fighting the trend by taking a page out of David Brower’s 1950s strategy to save Colorado’s Yampa River from inundation—rafting influential people down the river. This September, join a handful of Chinese millionaires and luminaries on the 16-day second descent of Tibet’s Nu Jiang. Five dams have been proposed on the 200-mile, Class III-IV stretch, and at least parts of the forested canyon are sure to be submerged within five years ($7000).

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