Ithaca, New York

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Watkins Glenn gorge near Ithaca

Watkins Glenn gorge near Ithaca     Photo: Nivek Neslo

Facing off from opposing hills above downtown, Ithaca ­College and Cornell University are geographic high points (pop. 30,000), but they serve as cultural underpinnings as well. From on high, the endless adventure possibilities are also ­apparent: canoeing and kayaking in ­Cayuga Lake (or cycling around it), running on the 558-mile Finger Lakes Trail, or hiking to one of the 150 waterfalls within a ten-mile radius. The liberal leanings are better described as far-left pacifism, but where else can you find the manpower to create the world’s largest ­human peace sign (5,000 Ithacans, circa 2008)?

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