The Best European Eco-Lodges: Treehotel, Sweden

I’d like to take an outdoorsy and earth-friendly vacation in Europe. What are the top eco-lodges there?

Treehotel's UFO

Treehotel's UFO     Photo: Arvid Rudling

A:Hidden in the woods of northern Sweden sit the five treehouses that make up Treehotel. Each structure is unique, from the Mirrorcube (a 12-foot by 12-foot box with exterior walls of mirrored glass) and the silver flying-saucer-shaped UFO to the aptly-named Birdsnest and the bridge-accessed cabin. All are built on live trees with hardly any physical impact to the landscape, and are equipped with LED lighting and combustion toilets. Rooms are no bargain, though: rates start at close to $400 a night.

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