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Heart of Darkness.     Photo: Tim Bounds/Flickr


The East's Best Beers: Heart of Darkness

This may sound silly, but I plan trips to mountain towns around the brews that flow from their taps. What would you say are the East’s best craft and microbrews that come from mountain towns?

A:Magic Hat Brewing Company
Burlington, Vermont

A stout should be thick and hearty enough to be a meal in itself. Heart of Darkness serves as dessert, too, thanks to its chocolate aftertaste. It’s best from a tap, of course, poured by a barkeep who knows the importance of a frothy top-layer, thick enough so you can stand a pencil upright inside the glass. The beer is crafted by one of my favorite breweries, Magic Hat, which is a social and economic fixture in Vermont’s Champlain Valley. Turn off Route 7 near Shelburne and take what might be the best self-guided brewery tour in the country.

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