Icelandic Perfection (Once Again)

Iceland is so full of adventure, it can be hard to know where to dive in. Plenty of lodges offer great accommodations, but few can match Hótel Glymur’s access and views.

Adventure in Rural Europe

Yes, Northern Europe has more museums, cuisine, and historic city centers than you can cram into one trip. But here's a good reason to go rural: It also offers some of the world's best...

A Miserable, Beautiful Siberian Adventure

Da, Da, there it is,” Andrey says with a smile as he idles the outboard engine. He puffs a cigarette and points at a bulge on the horizon. “Amerika Khaya—America Mountain.”

A Bird Box for Humans

Noted for its craggy seaside cliffs, verdant pastures, and temperate climate, the Cornwall region of southwest England is a favorite of divers, hikers, surfers, and drinkers. Soon it could also be...

The Rise of Geocache Travel

July 12 marks the annual National Trails geocache release, during which new coins are released onto the country’s 15 national trails and followed throughout the summer.

Trail Running Has a New Mecca

Traveling light and fast up and down mountains—that's the concept behind skyrunning, a sport that now boasts 200 races and 30,000 participants annually.

London Calling: 5 Perfect Runs in the U.K. Capital

Blame the weather, the color of the Thames, or the historical moniker of “The Big Smoke,” but London doesn’t always have the best reputation when it comes to the great outdoors. In reality though,...

If You're Not Coasteering, You're Missing Out

Coasteering is a combination of rock climbing, swimming, and optional cliff jumping. As you may have guessed from what the term signifies, this sport takes place on a coastline. It has allure for those looking for an adrenaline rush—and some exercise—in a beautiful environment.

Bosnia’s Better Side

Ravaged by historic flooding, the European nation is struggling through crisis. But behind the destruction is a gem of a country well worth a second look.

The World's Most Dangerous Walkway

This shot came on a rest day towards the end of our trip. Not really planning to climb, we had spent our day exploring the treacherous and eroded via ferata known as El Camino del Rey that traverses...

Surfing Iceland's Arctic Water

May in the Arctic. Along the southeast coast of Iceland, the long days this time of year create a cool blue light as the sun sets behind the mountains.