The 10 Best Bike Cities in North America

You don’t have to give up the amenities of a large urban environment just because you prefer traveling on two wheels over four

Biking in Chelsea, New York.     Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When you look across the pond at places like the Netherlands and Copenhagen, you realize that urban cycling in North America is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, several American and Canadian cities are making their mark by coming up with unique solutions to the problem of how to integrate cycling into already established transportation corridors—and ones often congested with motorized traffic.

These 10 cities stand out among the rest because they have managed to do what every resident of Amsterdam and bike policy analyst would suggest: build a smart cycling infrastructure. On top of this, these cities have vibrant bike cultures and lots to see and do on two wheels.

So grab your steed and a bike map from the local cycling organization and get set to travel down the lanes and paths of some urban environments that have made biking a safe, convenient, and fun thing to do on your days both on and off of work.

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