Gestalt Haus

Fairfax, California

Gestalt Haus     Photo: Courtesy of Albedo20 on Flickr

Best for: Hippy, crunchy, aggressively progressive mountain bikers
As the cradle of mountain biking, Fairfax has not one, but two great bars that cater to cyclists. While Iron Springs Pub & Brewery is the old standby and always spilling over with filthy trail riders, the dark-horse Gestalt House is our pick. You don’t come here for the décor (spare concrete and picnic tables), though we do like the Medieval-looking wall hooks for hanging bikes. You come for the beer: tons of bizarro Belgian and German bottles, and two sizes of draft, normal human and Brobdingnagian. For replenishment there’s more sausage than a prison shower—brats, banger, Polish. If it fits on a bun, Gestalt Haus has it. And to top it off, there are board games, which people actually play.

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