Lamoille, Nevada

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Ruby Range

Skiing the underrated Ruby Range     Photo: Joe Royer

The Ruby Range in northern Nevada may not seem like much when viewed from the high orbit of a map, which is probably why it doesn’t get a lot of attention. Just 60 miles long and at most 12 miles wide, the range still tops out at 11,000-plus feet and gets a respectable 300-inches of desert-dry fluff. That high, arid climate can mean the best of spring skiing: deep powder runs one ride and gorgeous corn the next. At Ruby Mountains Heli-Experience you’re guaranteed 39,000 feet of vertical in three days (about seven runs a day). Should a storm roll in and keep you pinned, there’s a Snowcat that can get you up to at least 7,500 feet to milk the powder. Back at the ranch, a ten-room spread modeled after traditional hunting lodges, you have Francy Royer’s fresh pastries to look forward to as well as roasted racks of lamb. This is rawhide country at its best, so do your best to mind the cow patties before getting in the bird. ($4,350 for three days, Ruby Mountains Heli-Experience, 775-753-6867;

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