United States

Gestalt Haus

Best for: Hippy, crunchy, aggressively progressive mountain bikersAs the cradle of mountain biking, Fairfax has not one, but two great bars that cater to cyclists. While ...

Oskar Blues Bar & Grill

Best for: Music-loving SSers and roadiesYou want cred? Not only does Oskar...


Best for: MultitaskersPowerhouse is more than just bike friendly; it’s a full-service...


Best for: Commuters and wiry couriers who need meat on their bonesLocated on Davis Square, in the northwestern suburbs of Boston,

The Velo Fellow

Best for: Cyclists with a sense of historyThis place would have gotten our nod based on the clever name alone, but when we found out that the centerpiece of its dé...

Wheeler Peak, Nevada

Start: 5,318 feetFinish: 10,163 feetLength: 15.6 milesTotal Elevation: 4,845 feetRating: