United States

Ski a 14er

If you go when they’re still snow-covered, you’ll likely have the mountain to yourself.

Climb Mount Rainier

Want to tackle Mount McKinley? First, take on 14,411-foot Rainier.

Shred a Halfpipe with Style

Most participants say they learn more in a week on the hill at Windells than they can floundering in the terrain park all season.

Float the Grand Canyon in a Dory

The wooden crafts John Wesley Powell took down the Colorado River 143 ago are still the best way to run the rapids today.

Ride a Bobsled

To ride a bobsled at the 2002 Olympic Course in Park City all you need is the ability to sit.

Canoe the Boundary Waters

Practice that fancy new J-stroke in Minnesota’s 1.1 million acre Boundary Waters National Park.